Jane Chapman
Vinnie & Eliza's Wedding Quilt I made this as an extra wedding present for my son Vinnie, and his bride Eliza. I chose the "Sunshine & Shadow" setting for the log cabin quilt as I thought it was very apt for a marriage, and their life in general. I made the quilt light dominant, so that means more sunshine than shadow! I was running out of time, and finished it on the morning of the wedding 20/3/10, with the help of my sister who had come to New Zealand from America with her family, to attend the wedding, so both his mother and aunt had sewn on his quilt. They love the quilt, and have it as a throw on the back of their sofa, as it matches the wine coloured walls in their lounge. I love scrap quilts, so I made it in all sorts of fabric, in burgundy and cream. Some of the cream strips are in a fabric by Henry Glass & Co, and feature the words "Daisy Daisy give me your answer do" which I thought was very appropriate for a Wedding Quilt.