Tell Tale Threads
Citrus Pinwheels Lemons, tangerines, blood oranges, pink grapefruits. I never would have considered putting these colours together, but I love them in this quilt! The tutorial for the free pattern is by Jodi of This was my intro to prairie points - I found they were a fun and easy addition to a quilt.
Autumn Meadows The colours in this quilt emulate the autumn meadows in Ontario - the yellow and green of the Golden Rod spikes, the purples, yellow and white of the wild Asters,the white and green of the various grasses and other meadow flowers. The white sashing and borders could be the snow blanket that will soon cover the meadows! It was made as a wedding present for Lauren and Mark.
Shirt Tales A friend of my husband's was visiting while I was quilting. She runs a company that makes custom shirts (Shirts & Co) and she had 4"x7" samples of shirting fabric. She kindly gave me her old samples and I set to work piecing them to create this quilt from over 160 different shirt fabrics. I used Kona White for the sashing and borders to give it the crisp feel I was looking for. The bias binding is from my husband's shirt. All fabric is 100% cotton. I hope this is an inspiration for others to recycle shirts that have worn collars or cuffs, but still have a wonderful second opportunity to be part of a quilt.
Mint Chocolate Anyone? In Sept 2009 I started quilting by taking lessons at my local quilt store (Quilters Palette in Toronto). Then I entered their contest to make a quilt out of their challenge fabric. After looking, feeling and pondering the chocolatey, swirly brown fabric an idea of a chocolate box came to me. I used multiple fat quarters to make the 9 Patch 'chocolate's with minty green corners to create the Snowball Block. More minty greens were used in the Prairie Points which became the frills in the fancy box of chocolates. I loved using multiple fabrics to create this quilt - the viewing public must have liked it too as it won first prize! See other images to view the back of the quilt which is a glass of milk using the various chocolate coloured fabrics The minty green stripey fabric for the straw is also the binding fabric.