West Wales cushion I found this cushion sitting modestly on a bench at a friend's house in West Wales (I'm sure she won't mind me uploading it for her!). I was immediately struck by the unbelieveably raw and honest way that it has been constructed - it tears up every rule of patchwork and sewing! Every scrap of wonky, mismatched, irregular-sized fabric has been crudely, indiscriminately and haphazardly fashioned into one of the most amazing, charming and original cushions I have ever seen. It's truly a work of art, but I have no idea when it was made!
Irregular quilt This was my first ever clumsy hand-sewn foray into the world of fabric and textiles. I saw a very unusual African quilt which was the initial inspiration for making a quilt that wasn't at all rigidly geometric (I find it very hard to follow any pattern!). It began with a chunk of denim from the hem of some orange jeans and a piece of packing ribbon and it just grew from there. Before I knew it I had fabric coming from all angles; friends and family were giving me scraps they had lying around. What is so interesting is that every piece has a story behind it. Six months later the random rectangles of wool, silk and cotton that I haphazardly pieced together had grown into a double quilt. It is bright and extremely bold, but a bit too dizzying at times - if you put anything small down on it, it is impossible to find - like keys! It was the beginning of a passion for patchwork that just can't stop. I now have a 1965 Singer sewing machine, way too much fabric and an undying obsession for patchwork!