The Christening Quilt This is a yard-square hand-quilted whole-cloth baby quilt, with satin top and cotton back. I was asked to make a quilt for a charity auction. As I always make my quilts with a particular person in mind, and did not want to spend too long on the project, I decided to make a baby quilt. I was intrigued to read about an old tradition of offering a square yard of cloth on the birth of a new baby and was keen to try my hand at a whole-cloth quilt, so this size was not so daunting. It took 3 months of evenings to finish, and the most difficult bit for me was marking the top using a home-made light box. The auction never took place and so I am keeping it safe in the hope that one day it will be used at family christenings.
Lynne's Rainbow Quilt This is a true scrap quilt, made with scraps and remnants of previous quilts I had made for my children, family and friends in Dayton OH, and is backed with favourite cotton curtains. It is king-size and was pieced and quilted entirely by hand, mainly in the evenings, taking 9 months to piece and 9 months to quilt and finish. My daughter Katie and my niece Anna (then aged 10 and 16 respectively) helped me to sew together the squares in the border. I started by idly making some 9-patch blocks and gradually conceived the idea of a rainbow quilt, grouping colours in diagonal rows. This led me to the rainbow motif in the border. I love this quilt because it gives me a sense of achievement, lots of lovely memories and a colourful start and end to my day. It is in daily use on our bed and some fading only adds to its charm.