Alison Eves
Leaves of friendship This quilt was made as part of a project undertaken by a quilt group, the Alternative Quilters, which I had then recently joined. We all made quilts using the maple leaf pattern, but chose our own fabrics and settings. Most of the fabric came from my stash, although a few came from a large box that Marion, one of our members, had bought at an auction; fabrics which I would never have purchased individually but which were perfect in the quilt. I decided to offset the square that I had made with the 9 leaf blocks, each themselves offset squares, inside another square. I wanted to use the scraps of fabric to make a triangular border on each side. Being a mathematician I began by trying to calculate angles and lengths with some trigonometry, but eventually I took a more pragmatic approach, and made a paper pattern to the correct size! (Don't tell my students!) The quilts made by each member of the group were amazingly different (although some "Marion" fabrics recurred!). Shortly after completion we moved house and the quilt fits perfectly in the decor of the lounge; it looks as if it was made for the space and colours. I used the same pattern as a basis for a Golden Wedding Quilt for my Parents In Law; all the leaves are made in yellow, gold and cream, and the family details are woven around the outside on fabric fushcias. The "Leaves of Friendship" quilt is an important reminder to me of all the people who have inspired and encouraged me in my enjoyment of quilt making, which began when living in Dayton,Ohio and has continued back here in rural Berkshire, but especially my friends in the "Alternative Quilters"