Gaynor Eldridge
My own 'antique' quilt After seeing a postcard size photo of an interesting antique quilt and always wanting to own one I decided to make my own. I drew up the pattern as closely as I could to the original and then started to stitch. It took many hours and helped me through the beginning of a sad divorce. I would sew 20 or 30 little pieces at a time and then reward myself with a drink or walk round my house.......maybe a little house work in between! I have shared this pattern with a few friends and they blessed me when they realized the amount of work in it! They all made slight variations i.e. the stars became Ohio stars or the corners changed to their particular taste. One lady has extended her ‘antique’ quilt by putting on a final border of appliqué flowers. I used mainly different Civil War reproduction fabric scraps and contrasted this with calico for the background. Some ladies used layer cakes some just bought to quench their fabric thirst! Did using my scraps deplete my scrap box at all?........No sadly it did not! One lady recently won one second prize with her quilt in a local show. I do not know when or where the quilt was originally made but I send a big thank you the maker for giving so much pleasure to myself and so many of my friends. I am now making myself another 'antique' quilt, this time from the book 'Quilts from the British Isles' is much more difficult and I am not sure that the maker used a measuring ruler at all! And my divorce now nearly 2½ years later is nearly complete and as I slowly move on I thank my lucky stars for patchwork and wonderful patchwork ladies, the ones I know, the ones I have yet to meet and the ladies from the past who leave me breathless with the beautiful things they have left for us to see and enjoy. Bless you all.