Linda Seward
I’d Like to Be Under the Sea This wall hanging is made from cotton fabrics. It is hand appliqued, machine pieced and machine quilted. The work is embellished with beads, seashells and black pearls. It measures 30 X 30 inches/76 X 76 cm. I made this quilt for my newborn niece, Skyler, pictured in the second photo in a mermaid outfit. I designed the octopus myself and used printed fish and flowers from a variety of fabrics for the appliques. It is heavily machine-quilted, with flowers and leaves encircling the octopus to simulate an "Octopus' Garden". A real black pearl is hidden beneath each white scallop shell.
The Frog and Turtle Quilt The quilt is made from 100% cotton fabrics, collected by friends and family from all over the world. It was machine-pieced, machine quilted, embroidered and hand-embellished with beads, buttons and semi-precious stones. It is 42" wide X 33" deep/ 107 cm wide X 84cm deep. I made this for my brother Jerry and his new wife Jennifer, who were married on July 31st, 1999. When I told them I'd make them a quilt as a wedding gift, they immediately requested a frog and turtle theme, as they had exotic frogs and turtles for pets. Frog and turtle fabrics come in either bright or naturalistic prints, so I decided to make a completely double-sided quilt to accommodate both--you can see both sides of the quilt if you look at the extra pictures I've uploaded. The patchwork frog and turtle patterns are Margaret Rolfe designs; a traditional block called "Toad in a Puddle" features on each side as well. I gave the wall hanging to Jerry and Jennifer on the night before the wedding at a family dinner and they seemed to like it!
Ocean Waves for Charlotte This quilt was made for my sister's first baby. Both my sister and her husband are scuba divers. Because fish figure prominently in the decoration of their home, I thought this Ocean Waves design was appropriate. I wasn't sure if it was a boy or girl, but wanted to make a quilt that would suit either. It was only when I was ready to add the border that my sister mentioned she was decorating the nursery in lavender and yellow! I was thrilled that the colour scheme I had chosen would work so well, and then proceeded to add the borders. Charlotte loves the quilt, and so do her parents.
The Ted Dexter Cricket Quilt The wall hanging is made of over 600 patchwork pieces. These were cut using the most interesting parts of the silk ties from Ted Dexter's illustrious cricketing career. The design is an off-centre Log Cabin which creates a circular effect even though only straight pieces were used (I like to think of the circles as cricket balls.) Auctioned for The Lord’s Taverners' Charity in December 2005.
Ocean Waves Quilts for Reiko & Makoto I made these matching quilts for friends Reiko and Makoto to thank them for having my daughter Alysson to stay in Tokyo for 3 months during her gap year. They chose the colours to match the curtains in their bedroom, and I used Moda Marbles to give a soft effect to this traditional Ocean Waves design. The quilts are double-bed size.
The Jim Laker Cricket Quilt I was commissioned to make this quilt for the Lord’s Taverners charity using the ties of Jim Laker, a famous cricket player. We came up with a design that would feature the scoreboard from Jim Laker’s most important 19 for 90 game played in 1956. I embroidered the scores on the ties, as well as Jim Laker’s signature (which I copied from his real signature). The quilt was auctioned for The Lord’s Taverners on September 18, 2006.
Poppy Field at Sunset I took a workshop with Ineke Berlyn and she encouraged the group to make pieced landscape quilts based on the paintings of a modern Dutch artist. I didn’t use her patterns, but copied one of the paintings by eye and this is the result. I used lots of beads to create the poppy field, the sun, and the leaves on the trees. I gave it to my daughter Emily to hang on her wall at Cambridge University. The wall hanging measures: 72 cm wide x 57 cm/28 1/2 x 22 1/2inches
Foursome I designed this quilt entirely in my head while up all night with my newborn son--it kept me sane during those middle-of-the-night feeds! It took one week to piece using a full-size pattern of my own design, and then two months to quilt and embellish. Soft sculpture faces and pleats add a three-dimensional quality. The hand-marbelized fabric was purchased at Quilt Expo in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1994. It is embellished with beads to add some sparkle. It measures 24"/60cm square.
Silk Storm I made silk papers in a workshop and wanted to feature them on a quilt. I chose my favourite turquoise and peacock colours for the quilt top, and machine pieced large geometric shapes. Before quilting, I inserted 6 layers of coloured gauze and silk between the quilt top and wadding in various spots so I could slash the top and expose the fabrics beneath. I machine-quilted the piece with intersecting parallel lines to create the feeling of a swirling storm. The silk papers were appliquéd to the quilt so they would look as if they were blowing in the wind. After quilting, I slashed the fabric to expose all the layers; I added beads to some slashed areas. The quilt measures 38 1/2” long X 39” wide; 98cm X 99cm wide
Pearl in a Zen Garden When I visited Kyoto I was moved by the Zen gardens there—their starkness and simplicity inspired this quilt. My daughter’s Japanese teacher painted the Kanji for pearl which I copied and appliquéd to white fabric using fermented indigo-dyed cotton by Ken Utsuki, whom I met in Kyoto. The piece is machine quilted to simulate the raked gravel in the Zen gardens of Kyoto. It was accepted into the Pearls, Pearls, Pearls exhibition at the Quilters’ Guild Museum & Gallery in York in the summer of 2009. The quilt measures 90cm wide x 104cm/35 x 41 inches.