Bones of the Forest This dyptych is a response to the natural decay and renewal occuring in the woods of my home. Comercial black fabric was discharged, and scraps of silk, batiks and velvets were appliqued and stitched to form the two square panels, mounted on fake suede. Hand built,paper thin, unglazed porcelain elements were sewn into place, and the whole piece was machine stitched. The colour and form was inspired by the fungi and mosses growing on trees felled by Hurricane Katrina the previous year. New life springs abundantly from the bones of the forest.
Long Green Made in the year following the breaking of the levees in New Orleans. I began working with fabric scraps, layering and quilting them because I no longer had access to my usual methods of art production, and because they could fit in a pocket and go with me during that displaced and confusing time. By the time this piece was made, the scraps and ragtags of fabric were conecting to form larger, more considered pieces, and I also began making and incorporating porcelain and other mixed media elements into them.