Crescent and Star This will be (not yet finished) a quilt for my youngest daughter as a university graduation gift. As the second photo shows, the borders will have an applique swag of crescents and small circles. Made by hand completely - partly because of curved seams and partly because I always like some hand-sewing on the go.
Japanese Taupe Logcabin I fell in love with the subtle differences of shade, pattern and texture in these Japanese taupe fabrics and I matched them with a warm dark red - the taupes make the homely logcabin pattern into something quite sophisticated. This is on our wall - it is my husband's favourite of all my quilts.
Barbara's Houses These quilting fabrics were donated to a charity shop (perhaps the quilter had died) and a friend bought them and gave them to me. I made the houses to record all the homes I've had through my life so far and, when finished, it will have all the addresses embroidered underneath each house. There are seven empty ones at the end for potential moves in the future.