NY Silver Designed by my sister in law, and made as a Silver Wedding Anniversary gift. The Art Deco design is shantung silk, hand pieced and appliqued onto a plain, cream calico base. The design was inspired by a light fitting in the NY Chrysler building. The translation from SILs design to a real quilt took nearly a year, but seeing her face when it was finally delivered was well worth the work involved. The quilting was done by hand, and is very linear.
Stargazing Puppies Stargazing Puppies is created from a free charity pattern by Sundrop designs. The quilt was made from fabric left over from making the Cosmos quilt, it was made as a fundraising quilt for Hearing Dogs For Deaf People, and was raffled by the charity in November 2009.
Cosmos This quilt is made from a shenandoah Log Cabin pattern by Judy Martin. I changed the colours to represent the swirling galaxies and nebula. I made this for my husband, who is a keen astronomer. The quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted, it won a 1st in class at a local country show.
Swans This quilt is based on the painting Swans Over Pumkins by Carry Ackroyd. It was made, with Carry's permission, for my brother's 25th Wedding Anniversary. The painting was adored by my brother, so when he asked for a quilt, this is what he wanted. The quilt took over a year to make and is machine pieced and hand quilted.