anju kalsi
100 SCRAP FABRIC QUILT I made this quilt to use the stash but the pile never went down.hand quilted
Purple and Black Stars The simple blocks with sashing and on point setting give another illusion.
Stack n whack I don't remember the original fabric now .I like the uncertainity as you get a wonderful surprise each time you complete a block with the stack n whack technique.
Window view The fabrics itself tell a story so all i had to do was put them in a attic window block.
Sun bonnet sue You can never go wrong with sue . I loved the printed panel i saw in houston show --they reminded me of old hankerchiefs.The sun bonnet sue are hand appliqued
Oriental fabrics I love the japanese fabrics so I used the fat quarters in big blocks and the machine quilting done by Mala.
ORIENTAL CIRCLES These circles were appliqued during my long flights last year and when i was back i was able to make a quilt.I have a hard time cutting orienatl fabrics as i adore them.
Blue and Beige This is hand quilted and machine pieced king size quilt.I bought this printed panel in a quilt show and used it in the quilt.
Black and white This is hand appliqued and machine quilted by Lana.
Fan quilt This is a hand pieced and hand quilted king size quilt . I added the secondary block in the center to make a medallion.
STARS and Thimble berries This is hand pieced and hand quilted
Scrappy quilt This is totally hand pieced and hand quited quilts .It was made to decrease the scrap pile but viola by the end of it it was the same .MAGIC!!
BLUE AND WHITE STARS The center medallion was the first mystery quilt ever done by me .Then i added the borders to make it kingsize.Its hand quilted.
Crazy nine I have used solid colors and it is machine quilted .