Winter Tree Odd pieces of leftover fabric were dyed using acid dyes leftover from dyeing fleece. The background was machine pieced from curved strips fof the dyed fabric. The dark tree pieces were bonded to the background using double-sided fusible. The image was very lightly quilted then a very narrow dark border added followed by a wider coloured border. The quilt has not yet been bound.
Quilts for baby boy and girl Suddenly everyone was having a baby. The cot quilts needed to have strong dark colours that would enable the growing child to use the quilt as a playmat or "cuddly" as it grew from being a baby to a child.Squares were placed randomly by eye.
On Cloud Nine This was more about enjoying process than a finished item. First had fun tie-dyeing some old sheets with acid dyes left over from dyeing some fleece. The wadding was a piece of old blanket and finally i had my first attempt at free machine embroidery with the feed dogs down on my machine. This is not a bed-sized quilt but instead a "snuggly cuddly" for my step-grand daughter whose name has been fee machine embroidered into the edge with the name of the quilt "On Cloud Nine" because the tie-dye circles reminded me of clouds.