Gold Wholecloth I bought this quilt earlier in the year in Barnard Castle, Durham and believe that it was made in the 1930’s. Both sides are cotton sateen, one an old-gold colour and the other a very pale pink, the wadding is cotton-wool . It is beautifully hand-quilted in a very well laid out strippy design which includes plaits, bellows and running feathers and has a central motif of a large Durham Rose surrounded by leaves. I think that this quilt may have been made for ’best’ as the quilting is much finer than that in a ‘Club’ quilt that I also have.
Sanderson Star I've always loved the Sanderson Star quilts and wanted to make one but not full size. I used a pattern from a Barbara Chainey book but used it at the size printed to make a 50" square quilt and it is very nearly finished! It is all hand quilted and I've really enjoyed doing it on and off over the last three years.
Theresa's Quilt My sister-in-law asked if I would make her a quilt for her 50th Birthday, We spent an evening looking through quilt books and magazines and chose this Heritage Carolina Lily. The next day we chose the fabrics from the small local quilt shop. The quilt is a double-bed size and is hand and machine pieced with hand appliqued stems and is quite heavily handquilted. I showed it at The Festival of Quilts and was very proud to see it hanging there! Theresa unwrapped it on its return from the show and was absolutely thrilled with it, she still shows it to anyone who visits!