Karamatsu Karakmatsu, the Japanese name of the large circular motif translates as larch. A reminder of a workshop on stitched resist shibori with Hiroshi Murase, Japanese Shibori master and dyer. Hand stitched and dyed with Kakishibu (persimmon tannin dye) on cotton and paper fabric. Also includes silk kasuri and Oshima Silk and cotton fabrics. Machine pieced and machine quilted.
Indra's Pearls My interpretation of Pearl, Pearls Pearls, the theme of 30th Anniversary exhibition of The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles of members work. My quilt was selected and displayed in The Quilt Museum and Gallery in York. Indra's Pearls are a mathematical fractal, the image courtesy of Francesco de Comite. Re-coloured and digitally printed on fabric. Made from vintage silk kimono fabrics bought in Japan. Machine pieced and machine quilted. Embellished with tiny pink pearls.
Indra's Indigo My entry for the Quilters' Guilds Challenge "Pearl Essence" at FOQ 2009. Digital images of mathematical fractals (courtesy of Francesco de Comite) re-coloured and printed on fabric. Japanese indigo fabrics and vintage shibori. Machine pieced and free machine quilted. Now part of the Bernina collection