Pauline Jones
BUG LIFE from a pattern I bought about 6 yrs ago because it fell off the shelf every time I walked passed. the critters are hand appliqued and out lined with embroidery thread, I added the extraants in the border. I used it to make my first attempt at false trapunto behind the critters and the leaves in the border. machine quilted by myself, it took about 9 months to make.
Sues' quilt I offered to make my freind a froggy lap quilt, her husband said "king size please" (the things we do for freinds!) the frogs and dragonflies came from Angela Madens Celtic reflections,the turtles I made using her patterns.It took me 21/2yrs to make, it is over 120" square
Caernarfon Star This was a Cafe floor near the castle in 2007. machine peiced, hand quilted. 92" square
Caernarfon Star This was the floor of a cafe in Caernarfon seen in 2007 which had originally been a butchers shop. I worked this out from a photo making the small square 2". It is machine peiced but hand quilted by myself. The quilt measures 92" square.