Fragments from the Lost Temple This quilt was inspired by the brilliant colours of Mexico and by the patterns found in the remains of the Maya and Aztec civilizations that once flourished there. Fragments of ancient temples and buildings can be glimpsed in the partially excavated sites. Free-hand cut and stitched, machine quilted.
Mojácar Evening Mojácar is a Moorish hill town in South East Spain, which I visit sometimes. It is a white town, soaring above the beach town below it, and inhabited by local people and a lot of artists. During the day its white houses glare against the brown hills and the blue sky, but at night coloured lights are turned on and they make the town glitter with the reflected colours, shining against the dark purple hills. Freehand cut and pieced, and machine quilted, using hand-dyed fabrics.
Elements of Magic This quilt is inspired by my fascination with the concept of magic: from the Greek "magela" - it opens doors through ritual, spells and psychological manipulation. Magic is the antecedent of science. There were early times when science did not exist and mankind was seeking a way to understand natural phenomena. The art of writing and drawing was sacred; a Magus used magical shapes which transformed chaos into something that could be understood and controlled. The symbols in the quilt represent a number of things: Chinese and Hebrew script; Taoist calligraphy; Mayan glyphs; geometrical shapes; grids; curved, ribbon-like shapes; arrows, spirals and waves. All symbols used by mankind in its search for meaning and order. The technique is mostly fused appliqué.