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Introduction and summary description


Scope and content



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Detailed catalogue

Company management records

Statutory records, 1954-1991

Annual general meeting and Council meeting minutes , 1954-1994

Council correspondence, 1957-1992

Executive management committee minutes, 1977-1992

Management committee (previously Finance committee) minutes, 1956-1994

Records of other committes of the English Stage Company, 1973-1998

Records of Royal Court Theatre Productions Ltd, 1983-1999

Business and development plans, 1989-1999

General Manager/Executive Director correspondence, 1964-2002

Records of the Royal Court Theatre Society and other previous societies, 1966-1981

Company history papers, 1956-2000

Staff Policy Records, Mar 1994

Financial records

Management accounts, 1956-1994

Accounts of the Royal Court Theatre Society and other previous societies , 1959-1986

Production Accounts and Investment Files, 1958-2001

General Financial Papers, Nov 1961-Apr 2000

Legal records

Legal case files, 1966-2001

Artisitic management records

Main Theatre Production Management Files, 1955-2005

Theatre Upstairs production management files, 1969-2004

Sunday Night production management files, 1959-1979

Barclays New Stages production management files, 1990-1996

West End London Transfers production management files, 1959-2003

English Stage Company on Tour production management files, 1964-2000

Rehearsed Readings and Workshops production management files, 1978-1997

Concerts and Other Events production management files, 1962-2000

Production schedules, 1969-2000

Correspondence of George Devine, Artistic Director (1956-65), 1956-1970

Correspondence of Anthony Page, Artistic Director (1964-1965, 1969-1972), 1964-1965

Correspondence of William Gaskill, Artistic Director (1965-1969, 1969-1972), 1965-1971

Correspondence of Oscar Lewenstein, Artistic Director (1973-1975) and previously chairman (1971-1973), 1971-1974

Correspondence of Stuart Burge, Artistic Director (1977-1980), 1977-1978

Correspondence of Max Stafford-Clark, Artistic Director (1979-1993), 1977-1993

Correspondence of Stephen Daldry, Artistic Director (1993-1998), 1992-1999

Correspondence of Ian Rickson, Artistic Director (1998-2006 ), 1992-2000

Correspondence of Nicholas Wright, Director of the Theatre Upstairs (1969-1974) and Joint Artistic Director (1975-77), 1968-1977

Correspondence of Roger Croucher, Director of the Theatre Upstairs (1970-1974), 1971-1975

Royal Court Young People's Theatre (and Schools Scheme) files, 1966-1999

Royal Court Theatre International Summer School files, 1989-1999

Royal Court Theatre Trainee Assistant Director and Internship Files, 1976-2000

English Stage Company Stage Plans and Drawings, 1961-2001

Play Reports on other companies, 1969-1992

Literary department records

Readers' Reports , 1956-1995

Script receipts and script books, 1966-1986

Literary and script meeting papers, 1975-2000

Play commissions and contract files, 1966-1993

Correspondence of Rob Ritchie, Literary Manager (later Associate Director), 1979-1984

Correspondence of Michael Hastings, Literary Manager, 1984-1987

Correspondence of Philip Palmer, Literary Manager, 1985-1986

Correspondence of Simon Usher, Literary Manager , Feb 1987-Mar 1987

Correspondence of Mel Kenyon, Literary Manager, 1990-1992

Correspondence and Day Book of Robin Hooper, Literary Manager, 1992-1994

Correspondence relating to Reader's Reports, 1977-1996

Literary department General Correspondence Files, 1961-2000

Literary Awards, 1966-1998

Research projects to inspire new writing, 2000


Production photographs, 1956-2003

Oversized Production photographs,

People and events connected to the English Stage Company photographs, ca. late 20th century

Interior and Exterior photographs of the Royal Court Theatre, ca. late 20th century

Press and marketing records

Press cutting volumes and general press cuttings, 1955-2001

Production press cuttings and publicity files, 1956-2004

Royal Court Theatre press releases, 1968-1999

English Stage Company marketing and audience survey records, 1983-1997

Papers of the Press and Publicity Department, May 1966-Sept 1975

Designs used for publicity purposes, 1957-2006

Posters used to advertise productions and the Royal Court Theatre, 1970-2007

Grants and fundraising records

The Arts Council of Great Britian (later England) correspondence and papers, 1959-2000

London Boroughs Grants Scheme and other local authorities correspondence and papers, 1964-1996

Business and corporate sponsorship correspondence and papers, 1981-1992

The Olivier Appeal for the Royal Court Theatre correspondence and papers, 1987-1993

Grants and fundraising for the Royal Court Young People's Theatre Scheme correspondence and papers, 1976-1997

Other grants and fundraising policy and events files, 1974-1998

Buildings and Estate Records

Royal Court Theatre Lease Papers, 1934-1989

Royal Court Theatre Building and Project files , 1968-1995

Royal Court Theatre Redevelopment files, 1993-2000

Royal Court Young People's Theatre, 309 Portobello Road, London, Building Files, 1981-1993

Building plans, 1959-1998

Audio Visual Recordings

Audio Visual materials from the BBC Omnibus documentary "The Royal Court Diaries", c. 1996

VHS Recordings of programmes relating to the English Stage Company and the Royal Court Theatre, 2000s

Sound recordings relating to the English Stage Company, c. 1960-1990

Music Recordings, 1970s

Ephemera Material