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Christmas 2013

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Inspired by the War Games exhibition, in 2013 the Museum was decorated in a 1940s theme, with homemade lanterns and paper chains.

Designed by Rebekah Lidwell and Fenella Lockyer


Taking inspiration from the Magic Worlds exhibition, the artists created a wintry installation of Jack Frost galloping across a frozen waterfall.

Designed by Philip Cooper and Rebekah Lidwell


For Christmas in 2010 the Museum created an installation of hanging paper decorations to celebrate Cut it, Fold it: Build it with Paper.

Designed by Fenella Lockyer, Rebekah Lidwell and Philip Cooper


In 2009, the Museum designed a ‘beanstalk’ Christmas tree inspired by major exhibition Wonderland.

The tree was decorated with objects drawn from well-loved fairytales, including bags of gold, bowls belonging to the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood’s cape, 12 princes turned into ducks, the Mad Hatter’s hat, the Frog Prince, Snow White’s heart, 12 pairs of dancing shoes belonging to princesses, the Gingerbread Man and many more.

Designed by Fenella Lockyer and Rebekah Lidwell


To tie in with Top to Toe: Fashion for Kids, the Museum went clothes crazy. The Christmas tree was decorated with red, purple and gold tinsel and boasted giant fabric baubles covered with haberdashery – handmade by staff at the Museum. Oversized stockings were stuffed with knitting needles and measuring tapes, and giant bows were made out of woollen scarves and gloves.

Designed by Fenella Lockyer and Rebekah Lidwell

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8 October 2016 – 23 April 2017. Board Games are played the world over, and have been a key element in family culture for centuries. This exhibition will showcase some of the world's best known and most loved board games.

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Saturday 18 March. Get ready to build and nurture your own civilisation in Settlers of Catan, a multiplayer board game.

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