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Friday 8 May – Friday 15 May 2015. Join us for a week-long celebration of all V&A Membership has to offer, and all it contributes to the life of the Museum. With this unique programme of exclusive Members-Only Evenings and tours, and special offers, we would like to say thank you to Members for the crucial part they play in supporting the Museum. We’re also delighted to offer a select few events open to all – we hope you enjoy this opportunity to enjoy what being a Friend of the V&A is all about.

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Style and Satire: Fashion in Print 1776-1925 (Paperback)

Style and Satire: Fashion in Print 1776-1925 (Paperback)

From the sky-high coiffures of Georgian Britain to the languid silhouette of 1920s 'flappers', Style and Satire tells the story of European fashion an…

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Event - Ways to be Public

Sat 04 April 2015–Wed 30 September 2015

DISPLAY: Public architecture comprises the schools, libraries, hospitals, squares and other public places where we come together. These places have traditionally given meaning to, and made a setting for, our public lives.

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