The brief was to Illustrate the cover and 9 internal Illustrations of the best selling novel by Oliver Sacks, a tricky task bearing in mind the very iconic existing cover by Paul Slater. The deeply personal, harrowing and fantastical stories in the book dealt with the breaking down of neurological function, how this effected his patients daily lives and how Dr. Sacks addressed and sometimes cured these problems. I decided to work with simple facial passport portraits, then inspired by my young daughter's coloured sticky shape collages I experimented with breaking them down by cutting them into small diamond shapes, and reconstructing them again in a more haphazard manner. The idea was to physically break up the portraits and then attempt to 'mend' them by reconstructing their component parts. The final image is a mixture of collage and silkscreen. More images from the book can be seen here

Book Cover Illustrations
Illustrator Details:
Martin O'Neill
Publication Details:
Oliver Sacks The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
The Folio Society
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