These spreads are from the children's book The Flyaway Blanket, written by Alan Peterkin and published by Magination Press / The American Psychological Association in 2011.
It is a sweet story about attachment and bonding between a little boy, his mother and his favourite blanket.
Whilst Jake is sleeping peacefully in the garden with his Mother he is unaware that his favourite blanket has been swept away by the wind. The blanket travels far, slipping past a number of animal characters - mothers and children alike - who chase the blanket along, eventually leading it back to where it belongs.
'Pidgen’s cheerful artwork is reassuring, with a bright palette, loose, sweeping lines, and plenty of attention on mother-child tenderness, human and animal alike.' - Publishers Weekly '11

Gouache paint, pencil, digital.

Book Illustrations
Illustrator Details:
Emmeline Pidgen
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The Flyaway Blanket
Magination Press
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