This collection of illustrations was produced for the Italian website Tropico del Libro.A website dedicated to the promotion of reading and books. Each day Tropico del Libro publishes 6 news items. Each article is accompanied by its own illustration. Which means in a month Tropico del Libro consumes 180 images .The brief from Sergio Calderale and Francesca Santarelli at Tropico del Libro was to draw as though you are doodling whilst on the phone.
As draw I bear in mind all aspects of books and publishing .The work is very intuitive, as I have to work so quickly. The illustrations are made with my favourite fountain pen, which makes the process almost feel like writing as much as it is drawing. It is illustration reduced to its simplest form.

Editorial Illustrations
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Robert Shadbolt
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Tropico del Libro
Tropico del Libro
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