This piece was produced as part of a print module currently being worked on in my second year of illustration. The brief was to use print processes to reach a visual conclusion stemming from the word 'Culture'. Focusing on Wartime culture, I looked at the influence of the Blitz on London, and wanted to produce a series of medals in response to this. From here, I looked into the 1948 Olympic games, and to what extent World War Two impacted London's last hosting of the games, something culturally relevant now as we swiftly approach 2012. The medals were produced by screenprinting images onto copper and placing them in acid to bite the image into the metal. The images themselves are lino prints I worked on, capturing snapshots of London after heavy bombing, and emphasising the chaos that was overcome before the last London Olympic games.

Student Details:
Eleanor Shakespeare
University of the West of England
Illustration BA (Hons)
21/09/2010 - 01/06/2013