What would you do if you could catch a cloud? ( see full book at: http://issuu.com/patybugarini/docs/theboyandthecloud )

The Boy and the Cloud is an illustrated story about a little boy's journey on his adventure
to find and appreciate the value of water.

Brief: The aim of this project is to raise awareness to reduce water consumption.
Audience: Children from 4-7 years old of age from different cultural backgrounds.
Theme: Environmental Education.
Solution: The Boy and the Cloud is an original written and illustrated story which will help children understand the value of water, nurture their sense of wonder, and imagination.
Techniques: Inks, watercolour,hand-drawn and Photoshop.

Illustrated Book presented at New College Nottingham 'End of Year Show' and awarded Best in Show (June 2011)

Student Details:
Patricia Bugarini
New College Nottingham
FdA Design
05/10/2009 - 11/07/2011