We were tasked with completing a series of editorials and this was one of mine. The article I used was from the New Scientist magazine called 'Decline and Fall'. It discusses how many right wing Americans refuse to accept science as realistic. I took two key themes, which were Creationism and Global warming. For Creationists God is responsible for everything, and so I thought how can I show God responsible for something that science has discovered - global warming. I used Jesus as the obvious representation of Christianity. He is driving while casually adjusting his side mirror. The rays of light beaming down on him and the stars behind him as well as having holy connotations also are there to refer to the American flag. The exhausts showing fumes going into the atmosphere. Also the composition forms a triangle, a shape known to have religious meaning.

Student Details:
Adam Gilbert
The University Of Northampton
BA Illustration
21/09/2009 - 21/09/2012