These images are the part of the university project Folklore and Fairytale. We were asked to choose one fairytale and illustrate it using visual symbolism and allegory. For me, the main goal was to reflect visually the tricky inside world of the main character, her dreams, her hopes, her fears, her realationship to the environment she was surrounded by. Particular attention I payed to the choice of material. The character is made in a collage technique due to her 'cut' personality. The hair, as the symbol of the only connection between her and the outer world, are 3D subject, touchable and 'real'. The atmosphere of mystery, of dream, of tragedy in a way, was achieved by coloured lighting. Then the images were photographed.

Student Details:
Julia Soboleva
Southampton Solent University
09/09/2010 - 09/07/2013