‘The Fear of Life’ (Mind is the essence of being, it is in control of its own destiny)

My work evolves around September 11 and the moment of impact when the two passenger planes hit the Towers, until they both collapsed. It took a little less than 2 hours and at 10:28:25 EDT sec both buildings and everything inside them, were disintegrated into dust, rubble and smoke.
The title refers to the book ‘Life as it is’ (That played a major role in my research) and points out the differences between mere organism, plants, animals and human beings and our ability to fear life and death while our instinct drives us to survive, surrender our existence, preserve ourselves but we can also choose to commit suicide, therefore humans have transcended basic biology.

All the pictures describe a transition of a static/dead structure turning into a living being/organism and vice versa, for example plastic bottles becoming coral reef fish or humans turning into dust.

My dissertation (‘Hollow Echoes of Human Bombs’) analyses the media coverage on 9/11 and elaborates the terrorist attempts of communicating through their suicide attack. The videos and images of the planes colliding with the Towers were broad casted over and over and over again and because of their unreal quality, everybody needed reinsurance of what they were actually seeing, trying to make sense of it. My imagery removes everything that happened before and after that day but relies mostly on repetitive elements.

Student Details:
Ann-Kathrin Schubert
Central Saint Martins
MA Communication Design
01/10/2009 - 14/07/2011