These three illustrations are part of a project of a children's picture book with the name: 'Lois and Lil in the Valley of Ghosts.'
The story of the picture book is about two good friends, Lois and Lil, who dare to explore the world that exists over their city, the isolated world of the terraces.
The challenge of this project for me was, while narrating the adventures of the two girls, to try to represent their imagination in perceiving the world that surrounds them, their balcony, their neighbourhood, their city. So, the abandoned area of the terraces, ( 'the plane rooftops' of their neighbourhood), constitutes for them an unknown area of playing and an opportunity of getting involved with its imaginative inhabitants and their world.

Student Details:
Artemis Provou
Kingston University
MA Illustration and Animation
27/09/2010 - 07/10/2011