As a current and popular discussion topic in today’s society, the Olympic Games 2012 captivates the audience immediately. The subject opens their mind to the prospect of seeking opportunities, relying on themselves and others, making decisions and taking ownership. The illustration represents: team effort, support, trust, motivation, communication and conviction.

I view athletes at Olympic standard as unnatural with their superhuman ability to perform with such speed, balance, strength, endurance, reflexes and coordination. For the process of the final image, I drew the figure in three diverse illustrative styles; from the body purely in it’s muscle form, to the body consisting of technical lines to suggest a bionic man, to realistic paintings in elaborate detail. Finally I digitally manipulated the elements of the body to create a layered effect. Each layer of the painting is hand-drawn using simple resources: black fine liner, gouache paint, pencil, and acrylic paint.

I feel I have communicated convincingly a passion for the Olympic Games 2012. The idea is effective and through broad development I have construed the event to inspire people around the world to share the global enthusiasm, to compete and strive to make a difference.

Student Details:
Melissa Roberts
University College Falmouth
Illustration BA (Hons)
28/09/2010 - 28/06/2013