This is a project in which I documented a less known location in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I chose to explore the area Nicolson Square Gardens, and the daily routine of the people within that area. Nicolson Square Gardens is a multicultural area of Edinburgh which has recently been renovated, improving the central garden area. Within my illustration I am really interested in people and their habits and characteristics. There were lots of interesting people within this area. I love busy, colourful illustrations and would love to produce work for children. I enjoy exploring different media and I used various different materials within this book, including, print, collage, ink and gouache. I wrote the narrative for this story which developed from sitting watching people and then interviewing and asking more about what it was people enjoyed about this area of Edinburgh.

Student Details:
Maisie Shearring
edinburgh college of art - eca
Illustration Ba Hons
18/09/2010 - 20/05/2013