The Park - From The Village Secrets series (A set of 6 linocuts)

Brief: To create a body of work about life in a small village using the medium of linocut.

During my time as a student I lived in small village and wanted to create work based loosely on my experiences. I like to use humour in my work and I found the behaviour of the villagers quite amusing in the way some of them found delight in spreading idle gossip. Nothing seemed to be secret. I wanted to make images about the private going-ons in the village, creating a voyeuristic feel.

In this series of images I imagined a dog finding body parts in the park revealling the secret that there is a murderer among the village residents.

Student Details:
Alyx Hardy
Norwich University College of the Arts
Illustration BA (Hons)
22/09/2008 - 28/06/2011