These illustrations were all done for a Children's book I am creating this term at Univeristy titled 'The World Behind the Blinds'. It's a colourful story about a girl who is so curious of the orange blinds in her room that one day she finds the courage to look behind them, and falls into the world of Pumpkins. After an intial and long walk she finds herself at the Pumpkin Palace where she meets the Pumpkin King and Queen who help her to find a way back home.

The illustrations were done using a combination of found and scanned textures. The figures were initially drawn on paper then scanned, coloured and I digitally applied textures of mixed opacity. I wanted to create a feeling of curiosity and strangeness with the design of my characters as well as aiming to emerse the reader in the pumpkin world through the textures and colours used.

Student Details:
Sadie Moss
University of Derby
BA Hons Illustration
23/09/2009 - 23/06/2012