Quarantine is an illustrated book produced as an answer to a brief set during my first year of MA. The brief asked to create a narrative based on a set of given references ( the theme of 'Panic', a painting and three objects). With these elements in mind we had to create the entire narrative or story through the use of images which would then be put together in book form.

'Quarantine' tells the story of an experiment on human behaviour in an un-named city over the course of two months. The initial hopeful results quickly reveal the uneasy poisonous nature of the Experiment. The scientists soon loose control over their test subjects who as a result of the Experiment have formed a homogenised collective behaviour pattern. The side effects are deadly as the mass panic induced by this artificial collective mind overtakes all.

Student Details:
Margaux Soland
Royal College of Art
(MA) Visual Communication
04/10/2010 - 31/07/2012