The given project required me to communicate what I understood to be the most interesting aspects of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet to an audience. After the several mental processes and drawing experiments, the final outcome was expected to be two adverts which utilised the existing formats from the London Underground.I was asked to create the images under one of the main themes we had defined during the class and I chose "fate" for my illustrations.
Because I thought "love" and "death" are also essential elements to compose this play, I created two main characters to express those key terms by showing their feeling and situation with bird cage.
In the image, Juliet is about to take off her mask because by falling love with Romeo, she is becoming herself. On the other hand, to make the strong contrast between love and death, Romeo is holding the mask of death which implies his fate.
What I always try to do with my work is to express the atmosphere and characters emotions with the colour scheme. I hope my works make you feel and think something.

Water colour and white pen on A3 paper.

Student Details:
Momoko Kudo
Camberwell College of Art
FdA Illustration
26/09/2011 - 30/06/2013