My project for the third and final year of my degree is concerned with the mental disorder referred to as 'Schizophrenia'. With an initial interest in mental disorders and psychological abnormalities I was compelled down this particular path due to the very criteria that define it. Schizophrenics prodominantly hear, see and generally sense things that aren't there. Psychologists will tell you that the content of these hallucinations are rooted deep down in your own mind and serve as a manifestation, for the sufferer, of their inner fears, insecurities or personal demons. These hallucintations can warp reality or introduce seemingly impossible entities or visions into the world purely through the power of the mind.
As my project has progressed I've become more and more interested in the idea of a unique reality. A reality that, in the case of a schizophrenic, only one person can see but what really interests me is how personal these realities become due to their origins within the mind. I view this as a sort of outward projection of one's own world that superimposes itself onto the 'physical world' which I think, as artists, we all do. Perhaps not in the same way or to the same severity as someone with schizophrenia but the similarities are still prominent.
Obviously this is not a new concept as creativity has always been synonymous with madness: Van Gough, Edgar Allen Poe, the art brut movement for example (the list is endless) but by exploring schizophrenic hallucinations, or projections as I'm now calling them, with creative mind already in place - I'm hoping to come up with some very interesting pieces.

The pieces I've submitted are little mini pieces based on various texts and personal accounts of Schizophrenics that I've turned up during my research. While none of them are the final piece, I think they all tell a little story of their own. The title of my submission: "Salad" is a shortened version of the term "Schizophrenic Salad," which is a term used to casually address the speech of a schizophrenic either during or while trying to recount a hallucination episode.

Student Details:
Luke Spooner
Portsmouth Univeristy
BA Hons Illustration
14/09/2009 - 14/06/2012