This illustration was created for the Anorak Magazine 'Food is Fun' lunchbox brief.
The competition brief was to create an illustration for children showing a creative, inspiring and most importantly, fun, way of preparing food in lunchboxes for school or work.

Twelve selected artworks will then be bound into a ' HAPPY LUNCH' book to be published alongside the Spring issue of Anorak Magazine.

Anorak magazine's style is bright, quirky and cheerful and created with it's audience in mind. I used a complimentary colour palette with strong shapes and linework to keep the illustration simple, yet interesting. I used real textures with digital colouring for a contemporary style, with a strong, original stylisation of the environment and characters.

I also tailored the ingredients in the lunchbox to promote tasty healthy eating in an unusual, trendy and creative way.

Student Details:
Emmeline Pidgen
University College Falmouth
BA (Hons) Illustration
05/09/2007 - 03/07/2010