These illustrations are selected from series of books based on the memoirs of my grandmothers aunt, Dagny. Dagny was an unusual woman of her time. She appreciated cars, carried knives and got a shotgun for her fifteenth birthday, which made her an interesting character to work with.
The Story of Oh-Dammit-Dagny consists of five individual books concerning more or less important events of her life.

The illustrations are drawn in graphite, the books also contain screen-printed elements, such as text and endpaper designs, and the pages are hand stitched together.

A video of the book can be viewed here:
More images of the book can be viewed here:

Student Details:
Maria Cecilie Midttun
The Arts University College at Bournemouth
BA (Hons) Illustration
29/09/2009 - 29/06/2011