Present times, Chinese traditional paper cuttings are usually used for decoration function or giving presents. The images of paper cutting are usually focused on animals or landscape and always meaningful with positive way or blessings. Therefore, Chinese traditional paper cuttings are always presented beauty, happiness or good omens.
However, the desire of human about beauty, life and happiness is destroying the balance of ecosystem. Some species are in danger of extinction, because of unlimited hunting by human. The beautiful landscape is replaced by modern buildings, factories or trash.
These two paper cuttings are focused on animal extinction and environmental issue. Tigers are always energetic, but now they are under the sufferings of the sights of guns. The beautiful a pond of lotus are almost dead due to the trash and water pollution.
These two works are represented the facts under the beautiful surfaces. One day people will understand, may be the real meaning of those beautiful scenes is actually a crying earth.

Student Details:
Hsiang-Chuan Ting
Kingston University
MA Illustration and Animation
27/09/2010 - 19/10/2011