The brief was to choose 3 words from the list of nouns, verbs and adjectives and to create a story. The words i have chosen: circus/big party/dancing. After that we were suppose to create 6 illustrations which would support the story. Here you can see 3 out of 6 illustrations i made.
The story i wrote for this brief:

It was one of those rainy days, when you are all alone in your room, looking outside with the hope that the rain will stop soon and you could go out there to play, to run and to enjoy the minutes of your existence. But the weather was so bad and the rain-drops were so heavy that no hope could be seen in small coin like Sophies eyes.
Suddenly outside in the very corner of the window frame the girl saw a small shiny dot which was moving closer to the house. After a while the girl could properly see the small nicely dressed creature which were heading to the big puddle in their courtyard. Sophy grabbed her coat and ran out into the rain. She came out just in time to see how the creature jumped in to the huge puddle and disappear. In a second she was near that place but couldn’t see anything else except her own reflection in the water. The girl was ready to go home, but curiosity overwhelmed her and she decided to try to jump into the water, as the creature did. She stood up, closed her eyes, hold the breath and…
For a second she felt as a jellyfish but straight away she found a hard wooden floor under her feet. “Where am i?”,-she thought. Sophy looked around, it was quite dark and she needed a moment for her eyes to get used to the light, but soon she could properly see the empty circle room with a lots of doors.
Show me five fingers,
Let me see.
Show me four fingers,
Touch your knee.
Show me three fingers,
Touch your nose.
Show me two fingers,
Touch your toes.
Show me one finger,
Let me see.
With this finger,
Point to me.
In this way the first door was chosen. It was big and red but the hand was so worm that the girl was not afraid to open it. Inside the room she saw a lot of acrobats, doing amazing tricks, jumping around, laughing and singing. Girl was so adored, that she decided to try other doors.
Zoom, zoom, zoom,
We’re going to the moon.
Zoom, zoom, zoom,
We’ll get there very soon.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
Blast off!
The second door was so bright and colorful than she were suppose to screw her eyes. Behind the door she found a room full of clowns. Colorful faces and big shoos were all over the place. There were so many of them that it was a bit creepy and Sophy clothed the door straight away. “This one gonna be the best one, i’m sure”, and she came closer to the white soft door with an amazing pattern on it, slowly she pushed it and came into the absolute darkness, the door disappeared behind her…
Sophy didn’t know what to do, but she was frozen, she couldn’t move. The bright pointed light appeared in the middle of the empty space. The gorgeous, swan like, ballerina was making pirouettes and moving so gracefully that Sophy was amazed and here eyes opened so wide that it seemed you can feet the whole universe in there.She was trying to catch every move that ballerina made. The room get lighter and lighter and new ballerinas appeared, they were moving around the place in a beautiful costumes. “I would like to have such a lovely costume too”,- thought the girl. She looked in one of the mirrors, which were all around the walls and discovered that she is actually wearing one of those, her hair was tided up and she looked exactly like one of them. Ballerinas took her hand and they all together danced in circles, spinning round and round.
But suddenly the lights was off and Sophy find herself all alone in the middle of the room. “Time to go home”,- said the little, funny creature, that she followed in the morning, - “everyone is waiting”. And Sophy fell in to the huge hole of darkness. Next moment she opened here eyes and found herself back in her room near the window. It wasn’t raining anymore, but big puddles were still all around the garden. She moved slowly across the room, she wanted to tell this weird story to her Mom, she opened the door and entered the common room and unexpectedly lots of people dressed as clowns, ballerinas, acrobats, animals jumped from behind the furniture and started to sing a Happy Birthday song. Her Dad helped her to move closer to all guests in her wheelchair, and her Mom brought a beautifully made cake into the room, so white and soft that Sophy couldn’t take her eyes away from it. She recognized a very familiar pattern on it, pattern of the door, where her biggest dream came true…

Student Details:
Karyna Sukha
London College of Communication (University of the Arts London)
BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design - Illustration Pathway
17/09/2010 - 01/07/2013