This work is from my latest project which looks at the Police. A lot of my inspiration came from the 1963 Birmingham riots in America where police set Alsatians on the protesters, when looking at photos of this incident I noticed how calm all the people looked, protestors and police alike, where as all the dogs were going crazy: jumping, biting and barking. I wanted to create that same atmosphere where the police are quite ambiguous in their action and yet accompanied by this aggressive force which distracts you from them and anything they might do. I decided use more contemporary riot police in my work as I wanted my images to be more about police in general rather than a specific event.

The paintings of the Policemen are life size whilst the dog is much larger measuring just under 2m X 3m.

This project is part of my coursework for university, the brief was completely open to anything that interests us.

Student Details:
Jessie Ladusans
University of the Creative Arts
Illustration (Ba)
01/09/2009 - 01/06/2012