My Insights Why People Read Reviews

People read film reviews before watching a film or read a book synopsis before purchasing one. One reason why is the fact that they need to know if it is worth their time and money. In the internet, there is more than one site that people rely on when it comes to looking for reviews.

Still many other readers read such essays for reasons other than that. If you have established a credible reputation as a writer of reviews, many people would be reading what you wrote because they put value in your point of view. Because of this, a reviewer has to write good reviews. Scholarly writing produces editorial reviews.

Always remember that it is better to be hated for what you said, which is entirely your own opinion as a reviewer than for writing bad reviews. Nobody can ever forgive flaws in writing and a really bad insight.

Another reason for reading reviews is for affirmation. I would say that I am one of those who do not read reviews before watching a play, for example. I hate spoilers, of all things and spoilers are things that will always be present in any written reviews.

I read good reviews written by good writers or reviewers because I want to be affirmed that what I have seen or read is indeed good or bad and other things in between just good and bad. Learning how other people criticize art is a good source of insights for me and my writing activities, in return.