Jean-Henri Naderman (1735-1799) was one of the leading harp-makers in Paris of his day, and he supplied the Royal Household with his instruments. This harp was made in 1787 for a certain Mme de Binet (née Honteloup) of Dieppe, possibly as a wedding present and was fitted with a series of holes and shutters in the back of the sound box. These were part of a short-lived device, invented in 1785 by the harpist Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz (1740-1790) so as to vary the volume of the harp. Not only was this harp fitted with the latest mechanical gadget, it was also highly progressive in its decoration. The figure with an Egyptian headress was painted on it more than 20 years before the vogue for all things Egyptian became widely fashionable at the time of Napoleon's military campaigns in Egypt.