'I saw that we had come to a treasure house, filled with tricknology'.

Åbäke responded to a passage in the story in which the central character finds himself in a disused underground station surrounded by objects that he does not quite understand. Abake have entered the world of the story, imagining this society that is not allowed to preserve the artefacts of the past. They have assembled a vitrine of object mounts and a large sculpture support, as the knowledge of their original function is lost and could therefore be perceived of as precious as the objects they once held.

Åbäke is a collective of graphic designers formed in London in 2000. Their practice is hard to define and takes many multi-disciplinary outcomes, but much of their work concentrates on the social aspect of design and the strength of collaboration. Working under a number of different aliases they have curated exhibitions, hosted culinary events, founded a record label and a spy agency.

© Åbäke, 2013

With thanks to Richard Ashbridge