Némo Tral

Némo Tral

'My eyes are open, I look around. Yes, there's something larger than me: I live in its ruins. My fellow Londoners, can't you see how we are diminished?'

Némo Tral's installation responds to the section of the story about the central character's past, when he was growing up in London in the ruins of the Olympic park. He began by sketching the real buildings in their current state and continued to visualise what they might look like in the time of the Withering. The illustrations appear as large stained glass windows that look out on a panorama of this decaying cityscape.

Tral is an illustrator based in Paris. He studied architecture and continues to work in this field, describing his interest in buildings as something he arrived at through drawing them. He creates ephemeral installations and graphic novels as stories to occupy and document forgotten urban spaces.

© Némo Tral, 2013