Jim Kay

Jim Kay

'Oh my friend, you're so sad. If you follow the path of forgetting you'll have freedom of heart and peace of mind. You will have a clear conscience'.

Jim Kay worked in response to the final interrogation in the story, and created a three-dimensional illustrated cabinet. The vividly coloured interior drawings hold the prisoner's recollections from the Booming, memories as varied as Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species and the London riots. The prisoner's bleak reality is depicted in black and white in a series of powerful wall-mounted illustrations that portray the prisoner's breaking point and confession to his captor.

Kay is an award-winning children's book illustrator based in Northamptonshire. He uses with a broad variety of materials and processes in creating his drawings and enjoys experimenting with new techniques for each project. In his recent book, A Monster Calls, which won the Kate Greenaway Award in 2012, Kay created haunting and powerful scenes using mono-printing and ink rubbings.

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