Le Gun

Le Gun

'The doctors performed great feats of surgery and roamed the cities, looking for the sick. It was a time of great wonder'.

Le Gun have brought to life a memory fragment that recalls the practice of medicine and doctors in a three-dimensional drawn installation. The immersive black and white piece reimagines an ambulance as a chariot driven by a medicine man and drawn by a team of urban foxes. The back of the ambulance contains the detailed body map of a patient as well as partly misremembered medical artefacts from times past.

Le Gun is a London-based illustration collective, which was founded in 2004. They communally execute large-scale drawings, murals and three-dimensional 'drawn' installations, and have exhibited internationally at locations including The Museum of Mankind in London, Art Brussels, Art Basel, and galleries in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Istanbul, and Beijing. They also produce the art annual LE GUN, which enjoys international cult status.

© Le Gun, 2013