Hansje van Halem

Hansje van Halem

'On a tile just by the head of my bed, I have placed a list of the ancient gates. It looks like a gold ring, with gems set into it, each a different kind of stone'.

Hansje van Halem responded to a passage about misremembered London underground stations that the prisoner likens to gemstones. She collaborated with the J.C. Herman Pottery to create thirty-two hand-painted floor tiles. Each unique gem shaped tile represents one of the stations the prisoner was tasked to remember.

Van Halem works as an independent graphic designer in Amsterdam with a focus on book design and print. In much of her work she intricately and painstakingly draws letters and patterns, both digitally and by hand, in what she describes as 'an ode to patience'. She teaches regularly at Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and her work is in several museum collections.

© Hansje van Halem, 2013