Henning Wagenbreth

Henning Wagenbreth

'Museum: A palace where the Lawlords went to muse. Museums were filled with treasures kept for musing on or amusement'.

Henning Wagenbreth is and illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin. His installation responds to the prisoner's definition of a museum and is made up of hundreds of painstakingly painted wooden blocks he calls Tobot Bloks. Piled as a brightly coloured tower, they feature words and images. The installation makes reference to the construction and deconstruction of culture and also acts as a metaphor for how language and meaning is constructed.

Wagenbreth is an independent illustrator and graphic designer in Berlin. His work includes posters, book and record covers, fonts, comics, postage stamps and sets for theatre. He uses a variety of techniques such as linocut, vector drawings, pen and ink, geometric shapes and distorted perspectives to make his images more abstracted yet easily legible. He has been awarded prizes at the Posterfestival Chaumont, the Poster Biennal Warsaw and The German Book Foundation.

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