Martin Parr, 'New Brighton'

Martin Parr, 'New Brighton'

Martin Parr (born 1952)
'New Brighton'
C-type colour photograph
Museum no. PH.112-1985
© Martin Parr

The Photograph
This photograph is from a series of images reproduced in Parr's book 'The Last Resort' (Promenade Press, 1986), which shows the British seaside resort of New Brighton. In the mid 19th century the resort had been a popular and genteel holiday spot. Parr showed its present run-down appearance, although still swarming with people on a sunny day. In this image he has captured the tatty, crowded feel of New Brighton. The sharply focussed colour image draws attention to the dirty counter, sunburnt flesh and boarded-up window. There is a blatantly descriptive quality about this image, and his work in general.

The Photographer
Since the early 1970s Martin Parr has been taking photographs of familiar, suburban areas, offering a subtle commentary on British life. In 1974 he began a series of images in Calderdale entitled 'The Non-Conformists', presenting images of the community at work, at home and at social events. Always a descriptive and elegant photographer, he has worked on commissions in, for example, Ireland, Manchester, the Home Counties and New Brighton.

During the 1980s he has worked predominantly in colour. His work has been regularly published in magazines and there are a number of books of his work, including 'The Cost of Living' (Cornerhouse Publication, 1990), which shows middle-class activities such as shopping, dinner parties and school open days. He became a member of Magnum in 1994.

Processes and Techniques
A C-type colour photograph is printed from a colour negative rather than a colour transparency (R-type).

This photograph can be found in Prints and Drawings Study Room box EDUC