Eric Fraser, Weldon's Women's Journals Advertisement

Eric Fraser, Weldon's Women's Journals Advertisement

Eric Fraser (1902-83)
Weldon's Women's Journals Advertisement
Probably 1926
Museum no. E.538-1987

Eric Fraser was a painter, and a prolific designer and illustrator. Much of his work was for magazines, but he also worked for industrial clients such as British Gas. Weldon's published a range of illustrated magazines for women, including journals devoted to children's fashions, and titles aimed at the home dressmaker.

These publications were designed for middle-class women managing on a limited budget, but the clothes and hairstyles depicted were drawn from the world of the rich and famous, such as film stars.

Here two elegant women are shown dining against the backdrop of an exotic location - the sun and palm trees suggest perhaps the French Riviera, then a glamorous holiday destination favoured by the wealthy and by celebrities from the worlds of film and fashion.

This print can be found in Prints and Drawings Study Room box EDUC 5.